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I’m a freelance science writer with experience writing about science, technology and nature for print and online.  I write about food science at Beacon Reader.  I’ve also written articles for Popular Science and the World Science Festival.

Recently I’ve been working as a freelance fact-checker and researcher.  Here’s my most recent resume.

I’m currently located in the Metro DC area. I’m based in Alexandria, Virginia.



I graduated with a Masters of Science in Science Journalism from Boston University in 2012.

During graduate school I interned at the  Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI) in Maine. I helped update their website, created multimedia content (including a video featuring their Center for Loon Conservation) and wrote about the important research done there.

During the last nine months of 2012 I served as the  Senior Blog Editor at (now, an online non-profit magazine dedicated to educating the public about biodiversity loss and other conservation issues.  Working as the Senior Blog Editor allowed me to gain management experience, and strengthened my editing skill set. In January of 2013 I stepped down from my editorial position at IZILWANE (Voices for Biodiversity)  to focus on my writing and my own career.

I was a print editorial fellow at Popular Science in the summer of 2013.

A long time ago:

I graduated from Georgia State University in 2006, with a Bachelors of Science in Biology, and a minor in Chemistry.

Soon after graduation I moved to South Korea where I spent two years teaching English just outside of Seoul. Afterwards I took time to travel throughout Southeast Asia.

Living and working in Korea gave me the chance to hone my teaching, editing, public speaking and intercultural communication skills. I also learned to be very flexible.


communicating science across multiple media platforms, synthesizing and summarizing scientific literature, science journalism, online journalism, blogging, editing, video production, camera work, photography, education, research, fact-checking

Writerly Interests: 

general biology, bacteria, conservation, disability awareness, environmental issues, evolution, food and food science, learning, microbiology, marine biology, nature, neuroscience, public health, technology, robots etc.. (honestly this list just keeps getting longer)

Other Passions: 

cooking, cross stitch, coloring, devouring books (and other forms of media), education, knitting, intercultural communication, studying Korean, mountain biking, scuba diving, technology, traveling, photography


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