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Ruminations:* the web magazine for BU’s Science Journalism class of 2013.

“Ruminations” is dedicated to everything food. With this webzine we hope to convince you that no human endeavor excludes food — not technology, science, culture, politics or history. In essence, “Ruminations” is our opportunity to chew over an enriching and vital element of the human experience. We hope you enjoy this edition of the Free Radicals internet tradition.

Multimedia pieces: 

Urban Gardening: The Risks and Rewards 

an interactive look at the concerns associated with urban gardening along with Nora Doyle-Burr. Nora wrote and researched the piece, I helped edit the copy, took on-location photos, and created the finished multimedia piece.

Food as Medicine

A few different edibles that have traditional medical uses. Shraddha Chakradhar and I brainstormed, research, wrote and created this piece together.

        Food Additives

An interactive overview of common food additives, including molecular structure, history and how and why they are used in food today.  Also created with Shraddha Chakradhar.

At the Tabletop: * a multimedia project aimed at providing an overview of tabletop gaming, an insight into the culture, and a few resources for Boston tabletop gamers. Final class project for Advanced Online Journalism, with Trevor Quirk and Kevin Jiang.


Camerawork for Charli Plays: An Introduction to Tabletop Gaming

Player profiles for the DnD players *

General info page for gaming in Boston, including an interactive map of gaming stores *


Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 2.35.09 PM

 Reason for Hope –  Summer 2012

I helped edit and write for this BioDiversity Research Institute publication.



Boston – Chinatown Morning


Introduction to the Loon Center for Conservation – Summer 2012

A three and a half minute video I created during my summer internship at the Biodiversity Research Institute. The video highlights the important research and work taking place on loons, and is displayed on the main page of the Center for Loon Conservation.

Sprout: Sowing Science in the community – Fall 2011

A five minute documentary on Sprout – a non-profit that develops community and education orientated science programing in a studio near Davis Square, Cambridge.

This was my final project for Broadcast Science Journalism class, with Charli KernsDarrien Garay, and Shradda Chakradhar.

Interview with a musician – Fall 2011 

A short interview that Charli Kerns and I conducted and filmed with her talented musician friend.
This was our first experience interviewing, shooting and producing a video for our Broadcast Journalism class.

* These links are currently dead, as a result of BU hosting issues. Although I’ve emailed the department to try to fix this, I haven’t been able to find mirrors for them yet.

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